How many sessions will I need?

The answer is that it varies depending on the nature of the your problem and what it is you wish to achieve.

Sometimes one treatment is enough, but in other cases several treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results. The latter is more likely to be the case if you have a chronic (long term) problem. Also if you have multiple issues that you require help with, obviously more sessions will be needed. It will take more than one session to get rid of a life-time's bad habits or correct old patterns and beliefs than no longer serve you. If you need help with aligning yourself with your life, career, health goal, we can work with you for positive outome. We can find out if there are any self-sabotaging strategies at play and remove them enabling a successful outcome.Fügen Sie hier Ihren eigenen Text ein.

Does my health insurance cover the costs?

No, since coaching is not about treating or healing diseases. 

What is the cost of coaching?

The initial discovery session, in which we discuss your background, concerns and coaching goals, is up to two hours (120,00 €). For each following  90-minute-consultation I charge 90,00 €. 

Coaching is an investment that you make in yourself and in living your life fully. It can move you toward your dreams and goals more quickly. It may save you money in the long run, as well as the time and wear-and-tear of struggling through the process by yourself.

Why should I work with a coach? Can't I do it myself?

Coaching empowers you to go beyond what you could do by yourself. You may feel you should be able to accomplish your goals on your own, but often, people get tripped up by their own limiting beliefs about what's possible for them, or simply overwhelmed by all that life demands. As a result, even though they may know what to do, they don't take action.