Life Coaching

Nice to have you here…

Sometimes life can be chaotic and you might feel confused, overwhelmed or just stuck. I will help and support you moving your life forward again, regaining your focus as well as clarity and serenity.

While classical life coaching primarily focuses on the present, helping to achieve specific goals through taking action and developing new behaviours, my work also includes the past.

A lot of us get stuck in our past - who we once were, what people told us about ourselves - and we limit what we can do in the present and the future.

By dropping the baggage of our past and changing the old, outdated  (family) beliefs, we free ourselves to soar into the future we dream of.

No dream is right or wrong, too big or too small. One of my passions is to encourage and support others to follow their desires and dreams despite the discouraging messages they've received in the past.

My approach to life coaching is a combination of kinesiology and systemic family constellation work

My coaching specialties include:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Stress & Burn-out
  • Well-being
  • Personal Development
  • Finances